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The Rich Life: A Study of Biblical Finances

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There’s a family right across the street with a big beautiful house that sits behind a white picket fence with perfectly groomed, green grass and a picture-worthy maple tree with a tire swing, the latest vehicles, perfect children, and a perfectly behaved golden retriever named Scout. To top it all off, Mr. and Mrs. Jones have established careers and guaranteed promotions coming next month. We all have compared ourselves, coveted, and even strived to become like the infamous Jones’ in our neighborhood. But when did we last stop and look back at just how blessed we are? Or perhaps, stopped to think about what real biblical riches actually look like? Come and discover The Rich Life that God has in store for you.

April 23, 2023 

The Rich Life - What You Have

Pastor Chris Laughlin

April 30, 2023 

The Rich Life - What You Give

Pastor Chris Laughlin

May 7, 2023 

The Rich Life - What You Get

Pastor Chris Laughlin

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