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Start Right Here

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It doesn’t take long to realize… Turn on the TV, scroll social media, spend time in the community around you, and you’ll see it: problems that seemingly have no solution. Love becomes an emotion — one easily replaced with other temptations; hatred runs rampant; families divide; children live without parents; marriages disintegrate without a fight. Our world seems to defend sin more than God’s truth — yet we cannot live anywhere else. In fact, we are called to live in our communities and engage with the people around us. So what do we do with the brokenness surrounding us? The book of Acts teaches us that God’s organized answer for this problem is the Church. And if we want to find new hope in our family and community, it has to start right here, with the Church.

June 16, 2024
Start Right Here by Partnering

Acts 1:1-11
Pastor Chris Laughlin
June 23, 2024
Acts 1:12-26
Start Right Here by Working

Pastor Chris Laughlin
June 30, 2024
Acts 2:1-13
Start Right Here by Sharing

Pastor Chris Laughlin
July 7, 2024
Acts 2:14-36
Start Right Here by Stepping Up

Pastor Chris Laughlin
July 14, 2024
Acts 2:37-41
Start Right Here by Imploring

Matt Hiller
July 21, 2024
Acts 2:42-47
Start Right Here: A New Community

Jonny Damon
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