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We believe that the blood of Jesus Christ, shed on the cross, provides the only way for the forgiveness of sin. God freely offers salvation to those who place their faith in the death and resurrection of Christ as sufficient payment for their sin. Salvation cannot be earned; it is a gift from God.


We believe that because of sin all mankind needs salvation to have an eternity with God in heaven. We believe that Jesus was the propitiation for our sins, and through that sacrifice we can be justified. That justification gives us righteousness, which if we have, God then welcomes us into heaven. We believe that salvation comes by grace through faith. A person must make a conscious and true decision to accept Jesus Christ as their savior, believe that God raised Him from the dead, and make Him the new leader of their life. Rm 3:23; Rm 3:25; Rm 5:1; Philip 3:9; Gen 15:6; Eph 2:8-9; Rm 10:9; 1 Cor 15:17

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