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Life Transformed

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A monarch butterfly larva has no resemblance to the beautiful creature it will become. Butterflies go through a miraculous metamorphosis to transform from a lowly caterpillar into a beautiful & colorful winged creature. Before experiencing God’s mercy, we also have no resemblance to what we are meant to be. God’s love, grace, righteousness, and gift of salvation through Christ provides the catalyst to be transformed into Jesus’ likeness. Join us as we investigate how we are called to be transformed to be more like God while living in a sinful world. 

March 31, 2024
Life Transformed- "Living Sacrifice"
Romans 12:1-2

Pastor Chris Laughlin
Video Coming Soon
April 7, 2024
Life Transformed- "Spiritual Gifts"
Romans 12:3-8

Pastor Chris Laughlin
April 14, 2024
Life Transformed- "Spiritual Traits"
Romans 12:9-21

Pastor Chris Laughlin
April 21, 2024
Life Transformed- "Submission to Authority"
Romans 13:1-7

Pastor Chris Laughlin
April 28, 2024
Life Transformed- "Love Debt"
Romans 13:8-14

Pastor Chris Laughlin
May 5, 2024
Life Transformed- "Genuine Unity"
Romans 14:1-23

Pastor Chris Laughlin
May 12, 2024
Life Transformed- "Imitate Christ"
Romans 15:1-7

Pastor Chris Laughlin
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